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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 13, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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muggings and the increased homelessness. this is a big task and should be the number 1 priority for this mayor moving forward. >> martha: thanks. we'll talk about the new jersey education situation. hopefully we can do that another time. good to have you here today, sir. that's "the story" wednesday, april 13. frank james apprehended. we'll see you back here tomorrow. "your world" is next. >> neil: all right. thank you, martha. we're watching this brooklyn precinct where the man accused of shooting ten people in that subway train incident yesterday will be leaving that building shortly. you've heard a good deal about him, the 62-year-old was taken in to custody about 30 hours after the carnage in that train. he was awaiting arraignment on the charges that pertain to terrorists or other violent attacks against mass transit systems. no indication whether james himself had direct ties to
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terror organizations but he had the language of a terrorist. we'll be monitoring that closely. halfway across the world, we're monitoring this. bucha bombed out and now signs from that incredible horrific scene that this is an example of the genocide that the president charged his counter part in russia with conducting. the proof is everywhere. we're going to get details of that that were spelled out by the president in his phone call today with ukrainian president zelensky. we have a lot going on here and a lot to get to right here including a big surge in the markets today on relief that maybe inflation can't get worse and maybe the capture of that attacker in the new york subway system was just a relief period. so let's get to it with trey yingst right now in kyiv, ukraine on the fallout from the president's call and talk of
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more aid to come. trey? >> neil, good afternoon. ukraine is in critical need of aid as more suspected war crimes are being uncovered on the outskirts of this city in the suburbs of kyiv. more bodies are being found each day as the ukrainian capitol remains under threat. the following report has graphic images. the rigid bloodied body of a man is examined by war crimes prosecutors in the town of bucha. teams of investigators are digging up a mass grave filled with civilians killed by russian troops. during bucha's occupation by the russian forces, people were shot because they spoke ukrainian. >> more than 400 residents of this kyiv suburb were killed by russian forces when they entered
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the town. more bodies are being found each day. you can see the damage here done by russian forces to civilian vehicles. across this town of bucha, there's destruction left in the wake of those russian troops that came here to the suburb of kyiv with one thing in mind. trying to take the ukrainian capitol. they were met with a first resistance. while they fired on residential buildings and grocery stores like the one behind me, they were not successful in making their advance on kyiv. this man stayed in bucha during the invasion and describes what life was like. they were coming inside our basements, checking our houses. it was frightening she says. thank god they didn't hurt us. as ukraine braces for continued escalation in the eastern part of the country, the capitol of kyiv remain as target and being
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threatened by russian forces. we know that as the ukrainian president was meeting with four european presidents, there were air raids across the capitol. neil? >> neil: thanks, trey. now to mark meredith on the package of additional aid that the ukrainians are getting. the president spelled it out with president zelensky today. another $800 million worth. mark meredith is here to break it down. >> it's a lot of money a lot of equipment. the pentagon is outlining how it hopes to assist ukraine as the war has no end in sight. this $800 million package is the result of multiple phone calls between president biden and president zelensky and here lloyd austin and his counterpart in ukraine. we are getting a better idea of how the weaponry that the u.s. is sending is going to help as fighting shifts to southeastern ukraine in the donbas region. the latest list includes
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everything from anti-aircraft missiles to drones, nuclear protective equipment. officials say ukraine is set to resist other assistance from other countries from the days, weeks ahead. >> this came out of multiple conversations with the ukrainians in the last few days as we began to see the russians now start to reprioritize the donbas. we're going to have the conversations going forward. >> president biden also outlining why he's sending the weaponry saying we cannot rest now as i assured president zelensky, the american people will stand with the brave ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. ukrainian's president made it clear what he wants and what he wants more of. he's made these public pleas both to the u.s. as well as nato. even made one online been the president's phone call with him today. we're told the conversations will continue. the u.s. says it will take time to get all of these weapons in
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to ukraine. can't be done overnight. the pentagon says they're moving as much as they can as fast as they can including soviet era helicopters that will be going to ukraine. no timetable yesterday but an indication that they want to provide additional air power, something that zelensky has talked about. the pentagon hosting a number of defense contractors here today. they want to make sure the u.s. has its stockpile ready to go in the event that the weapons would be needed and they want the discussions on how to stock up. >> martha: thanks. to general jack keane on this. general, you've been saying they need weapons, you've been pounding that. are these the type of weapons that they need like yesterday? >> yeah, absolutely. zelensky is finally getting what he's asking for. he's gone on the offensive more
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and the terrain in the donbas is more open. the armored personnel carriers and tanks are big factors. i'm delighted to see the united states is stepping forward here. we're providing more intelligence and much of the kind of the heavy equipment that president zelensky and his military leaders need. also, the slovakians are kicking in air defense systems. the czechs are providing tanks and the britains providing tanks as well. a lot is happening. the pentagon is rolling in at least eight to ten sortees a day with equipment on it. that also underscores the frequency of what is happening and the sense of urgency being a employed to it. >> neil: president biden, you know, charged vladimir putin with genocide going beyond war
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crimes. using as proof some of the scenes that we're getting out of bucha now as investigators start gooing through the rubble and the mud and discovering bodies and the brutality of it all. vladimir putin for himself says the atrocity claims are fake, false. they've been rigged. he wendt on to say that the ukraine talks have hit a dead end. no doubt referring to these allegations as making them point less. what do you think of that? >> well, a couple of things. first of all, the allegation that these are -- this is genocide, i'll leave it up to the lawyers. there's no doubt that from the very outset -- there was four invasion routes. each headed up by a general officer. on all four invasion routes, there was significant bombardment of civilian neighborhoods with no military
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targets in them whatsoever. that has been unrelentless. now we're finding out that the ground forces have been wholesale killing civilians. it was organized and preplanned and supervised in terms of its execution. that seems to meet most of the criteria for what we're dealing with here. i certainly applaud the ukrainians and others following up here and doing some of the detail investigation and recording of what is taking place. so to be absolutely prima fascia evidence in dealing with it. as to our friend, putin, i mean, i think the world knows that he lies through his teeth -- >> neil: excuse me, general. we're seeing frank james, the 62-year-old behind these attacks in brooklyn coming out after
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being arraigned today. have they shown that? i don't know. not yet. we're watching it very closely. seeing more activity there. again, we're focusing on this. they're trying to look into the fact weather frank james had any terror ties. he certainly spoke as one prosecutor said, the language of a terrorist. trying to see if he had help. general, i rudely interrupted you. i apologize. we thought he was going to walk out. to that point and about vladimir putin and where he goes from here. >> yeah, i mean, look, the big lie that he started from the beginning is that he was conducting a "special mission operation to stop the genocide that was being committed by the ukrainians in the donbas region"
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was his rationale for conducting this invasion. a bold-faced lie. now he's telling another lie that the ukrainians are staging what we're seeing on cameras here as they're taking one body after another out of the ground. finding bodies just laying on the side of the road, all of them assassinated in cold blood. the evidence is overwhelming. most people in the world certainly if they ever believe putin about anything, he lost all of that credibility except for his loyal supporters at home. >> neil: if you flip it around, if you're vladimir putin and now you've been charged with genocide on top of war crimes, you know you've been isolated economically and you've been sanctioned and everything else. your currency is surviving but your country barely is, he might feel he has nothing to lose now and could get desperate. dangerously so.
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what do you think? >> i think that possiblesy is certainly there. one thing about him, he's very determined and he's going to play this thing out. he's put reinforcements in there to see if they're going to make a difference. that's why he's saying no negotiations. why? he's going to conduct and offensive operation here. what we're looking at at the institute from the study of war on a daily basis, we're seeing much of the same. we're seeing road-bound units that are not maneuvering off the road hand in to combat attack formations. being committed piecemeal. this is what was going on around kyiv for weeks. if that continues, i believe he's playing right in to the ukrainians' hands. he may not get the outcome here at all that he's expecting. if he fails at this operation, then we'll see his hand maybe likely will change. right now it's not.
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he's conducting an offensive operation. >> neil: real quickly. you think the tone and the tone nor has changed in the administration not only upping the aid but this notion that you were worried about talking to insiders there that the bigger worry was vladimir putin losing, not winning and that the latest arms commitments are a sign that if that were ever the case, it might no longer be? >> yeah, i think so. a lot of that is the credit of zelensky and the horror that is unfolding before our eyes. those two things are happening here. zelensky certainly makes very cogent pleas. he's credible. the avalanche of those requests have taken the toll on the administration. they certainly are stepping up to the plate. i've been critical of them in
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the past and i think they're moving absolutely in the right direction here. the second thing is the tragedy of the people being assassinated and killed for no cause whatsoever is also taking the toll on the administration. we are an open democracy. we want peace. we certainly don't want this horror show that is being played out in front of us. the only way you stop putin from killing him is to defeat the machine that is doing the killing. that is his military. now have to stop him. zelensky has been consistent in that viewpoint. i think we're getting to the point where nato is trying to get all in now and not just defensive weapons so to speak but giving him the heavy weapons and the advanced weapons that he needs. it's a challenge. the russian heavy advance weapons that nato countries have because they're former soviet
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republics is running out. we're going to have to give them nato weapons. they may have to be involved with some training with that. we're giving them 155 artillery pieces. the ukrainians use 152. that is the different. the britts are giving him challenger tanks, not russian tanks. may have to require some training. i'm not talking about weeks of training or anything. this could be done relatively quickly. something has to be done as opposed to just throwing the equipment at them. so it complicates the problem but nonetheless, we're moving in the right direction here in my judgment. >> neil: injury a straight shooter, you call it the way you see it. general jack keane, thanks very much. now back to new york city right now where the guy that they suspect behind that brooklyn train station attack has been apprehended. let's go to bryan llenas right now in brooklyn. he's been following this from the very beginning what are the
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plans right now? what are we learning about frank james? >> right now we expect frank james to walk out of the 9th precinct after being processed and handed over to the feds. he's facing a federal terrorism charge for attacking a mass transit system. that is a subway. same charge that if you attacked a railroad care. he could be sentenced up to life in prison. a 62-year-old today was caught in manhattan, the lower east side, the east village when a new yorker spotted him in a mcdonald's and called police. by the time the police arrived, he was nowhere to be seen. then an eye witness that was working in the east village spotted him on a security camera of the business that he was
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working at and alerted police officers. listen. >> look how many people in new york, nobody catch him. i was working inside the store. i catch him. that's good something from the god. good something from the god. we catch him. we do not want problem here in america. here life is good. >> if you see something, say something. that's an anthem that new yorkers have been living by since 9-11. we're getting more information about the timeline, the attack happening at 8:30 yesterday. turns out that during the chaos of that attack, frank james investigators say managed to get on board an r train that pulled in to the station adjacent to the n train under attack. the train moved with wounded passengers as well, moved in to the next station. he got out of the train, he got rid of his construction vest and helmet that he was wearing and he ended up being pinged in park
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slope, new york city. between 9:15 a.m. and this afternoon, we don't know where he was. he could have been riding the subway system that entire time. we're getting more information about how investigators pieced this together including fact that frank james drove that u-haul van that he wented in philadelphia on the morning of the attack yesterday from pennsylvania through new jersey to new york on the verizano bridge. four hours later, he's seen walking into a subway station where he parked the u-haul van and the attack ensued. they found a receipt for a storage unit in that vest that he had thrown away at the train station. they were able to find that storage unit in philadelphia. inside they found ammo as well as other weapons. they were also able to trace
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down his apartment where they also found more weapons and more ammo. so he had been traveling to that storage unit the night before the attack and made the drive from pennsylvania to new york city in the u-haul van about 4 1/2 hours before the attack. now thanks to new yorkers and the nypd and the fbi and the atf and everyone, they were able to trace him down and find him. it's interesting to figure out where he was if not riding the entire subway system for about more than 24 hours. neil? >> neil: incredible. the immediate thing that swings to mind is whether he was planning additional attacks. i know he left his bag at the first location and the issue of whether or not he had help. do we know anything on either of that? >> neither -- nothing on the help situation. seems to be just him. no indication that they're working for anybody else. i did interview somebody from
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phantom fireworks. his name is bruce. he's the ceo of the fire works store. he contacted the fbi when he saw the fireworks that were left in the bag on the train. in a database for his company, he traced down that those fireworks were bought by frank james in wisconsin in june of 2021. so that's about two years ago that he had been sitting on these fireworks that he traveled with on board that train. that speaks to preplanning and the planning that he needed about this nor quite some time. >> neil: thanks, bryan, bryan llenas in brooklyn, new york. i want to go to joe cardenilli, retired nypd lieutenant. good to see you. this issue of the hours that frank james was apparently riding the new york subway
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system, what do you think of that? >> well, we don't know that for sure yet, neil. that is speculation at this point. i think the chief from the detective bureau said it will take weeks to put this timeline together. everybody is in a rush. they've seen tv shows done in between commercials, solving the case. but this is reality. right now they have to build the case against him. they already have a great case against him. they want to make sure that they do everything with due diligence. one of those things is securing his computer from where they find out his residence is. getting a warrant for that. and also if he has a cell phone, they're going to go back and search the cell phones and ping it and see where he was. he could have been in the subway system to say look, i did something. i'm riding around. we don't know that. i'm sure we will find out in
1:22 pm
days to come. all i can say is thank god the feds are taking this. lord only knows what would happen if it was put in the da's hand in manhattan. >> neil: and his rantings and ravings on youtube, dozens of hours, maybe more, just saying all of this slipped through the cracks is sort of like a general cliche'. but a lot of this did. prior arrests and all of that. what did you make of that? >> you know, i don't think it's so much the prior arrests. nothing amounted to anything of a felony that would stop him. we just heard ohio in your broadcast come in to the picture again. two times ohio is mentioned. one for the gun, that it was purchased there in 2011 and now the fireworks. so we know we're going to go deep in ohio and see what's going on. probably where he's spending a lot of time. they'll put a rhyme or reason to that. the fact that social media today
1:23 pm
condemns somebody in one posting and yet let a man like this go on, rant and rave and never bring it to the attention of the authorities, that is bizarre to me. they can let the rantings go on. this is what happens. you wait for him to do something before you say oops, have to pull it back. politics aside, these companies have to do a better job in stopping their rantings and bringing it to the attention of whoever. whatever it is, notify somebody about this because he fell through the cracks that way. i don't think he fell through the contracts nor the crimes that he had. >> we're seeing frank james now. what are they going to do with him in this interim? let's listen to this, by the way.
1:24 pm
>> neil: we're monitoring this. we thought we would hear something from frank james, the 62-year-old that orchestrated and was behind the attack on the brooklyn subway yesterday. i was rudely interrupting you,
1:25 pm
joe. i am interrupt ago lot of people today. where do they take him, how do they keep him safe? a lot of angry new yorkers right now. rightly so. maybe help me with the process. >> he will be taken over by the feds and the case will be brought against him by the feds right now. if the d.a. wants to bring in additional charges, he can to the same thing. right now he will be put in the custody of the feds and stay there until his trial. this case will go on for a long time and we will definitely hear more about it, his motives may come out. you'll see other things. we just heard about a storage unit with more ammunition in it. all of these little pieces will come to life as we spoke about yesterday, neil. it's a process. it's the outside cameras and the inside cameras. i heard a reporter today say why didn't the nypd grab him when he came out of the subway.
1:26 pm
we would have loved to. this is a timeline given to the press so they can get out the land show everybody this is the man we're looking for. he changed his appearance. he did in fact get rid of his clothing and changed. that's done many times by perpetrators that commit a crime. they dump a sweatshirt and wear a t-shirt. the subway system is notorious for getting out of a certain exit and going to a place that they're comfortable with i'm sure they'll find out how he went about town, if anybody assisted him, we'll find that hout, too. right now he's off the streets. kudos. most people run from scenes. look at the new yorkers that stayed to help everybody out that is new york. they'll get back on the subway, do it every day to go to work and see something else and they'll say something to somebody. you know? it's a partnership between the community and the nypd and a
1:27 pm
great job. hats off to my brothers and sisters in blue. they did a great job. >> neil: they did. maybe a charge that pertains to terrorist or violent attacks on a mass transit system. could you explain that charge? it seems terrorist related. is he then officially defined as a terrorist? >> he will be. because us a the federal prosecutor indicated earlier, ever since 9-11, they made the spectrum broader for prosecuting terrorist crimes. he falls into that category. the subway system was always threatened whether it's through nerve gas, whatever they had. they wanted to try it out in the subway. it's already been documented that they wanted to try the subways at one time prior to the 9-11 attacks. everybody is vigilant. the nypd contrary to popular
1:28 pm
belief is in the subways doing their job, monitoring everything in the subway. another key issue is as much as you need a uniform presence in the subway to keep everybody safe, new yorkers need to know that there's an undercover element or a secret element out there that looks like your every day john q citizen patrolling the subways and the streets, gathering data. this is why we need more effort into it. the new police commissioner is doing a great job. i was very impressed with her, with her press conferences. succinct, to the point. kept everything short. give this police commissioner what every other police commissioner had, the tools to do the job and new york will rebound from almost anything. >> neil: you know between sentencing and bail leniency, you're getting two different vibes.
1:29 pm
i'm sure that worries you. >> oh, of course it worries me. that's why i said thank god it wasn't put in the hand of the d.a. we spoke about this. this bail reform, the revolving door of justice over here that they're in and out before the paperwork is done is ridiculous. we need to get back to basic policing. if it means locking something up for doing the quality of life crimes, so bit. that's what the affects the subway, too. the quality of life crimes. people should not have to see the things that they see and hear the things and be subject to the things that they are because they're afraid of offending somebody. let's be real. let's get the streets safe. let's do the job that has to be done and it starts with the little things. >> neil: there were a lot of little things to this case. thanks, joe, the retired new york police department lieutenant. among the little things, the sloppy things that might have undone frank james before the average new yorker spotted him
1:30 pm
and alerted authorities to him is he left a lot of things behind including a gun, ammunition, smoke grenade, gasoline and the key to that u-haul van. some slip-ups that now has him getting locked up. we'll have more after this. family is just very important. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot. she's the rock of the family. she's the person who holds everything together. it's a battle, you know. i'm going to be there. keytruda and chemotherapy meant treating my cancer with two different types of medicine. in a clinical trial, keytruda and chemotherapy was proven to help people live longer than chemotherapy alone. keytruda is used to treat more patients with advanced lung cancer than any other immunotherapy. keytruda may be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment if you have advanced nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer and you do not have an abnormal “egfr” or “alk” gene. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer, but can also cause your immune system
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. >> neil: stocks way up even though we get another inflation report that is way, way up. you know what happened? earnings that are also up, way, way up after this.
1:34 pm
>> you can only fix inflation one way. that is to tighten down. who gets hurt again? the poor people that are struggling from paycheck to paycheck. the same people that he says he wants to help he's hurting. >> neil: do you think he's become jimmy carter? >> he's worse than jimmy carter.
1:35 pm
>> i don't think that makes a lot of sense. president biden came in in a pretty tricky economic situation. most of the recovery we've seen is because people learning to live with the virus better and the vaccines. i think it was important to pass something. there's a lot of time to course correct. >> neil: all right. we always try to keep it fair and balanced here, a prominent republican, not a fan of this president. ken langone, the founder of home depot. started during the carter years. and top former economic adviser to barack obama says all of that is overdone. the president is doing an okay job. the strength in prices is because of the strength of the economy. i kind of think, kevin brady is in the former camp. kevin brady is the texas republican, sitting on the how ways and means committee. the ranking member. congressman, always great to see you. we had an inflation report out tied, the wholesale inflation, the level that gets to us down the road that seems to confirm
1:36 pm
that we've got some more trouble on inflation down the road. what do you think of that? >> yeah, i think americans should brace for even more pain ahead. certainly yesterday the cpi report shows, you know, prices are going up three times faster than paychecks. average family has lost about $5,700 in purchasing power. that's why most americans feel like they're in worst financial shape than they were during the height of the covid pandemic. we also learned yesterday small business optimism was at record lows for the same reason, inflation and the worker shortage. the wholesale prices today at double digit numbers i think probably reinforced. we'll see higher inflation. it's been accelerating over the last six months. it's going to last much longer. and look, i'm not an economist, neil. seems we're clearly in a wage
1:37 pm
price spiral that is worsening each month. the president is in denial about this. as he was about inflation in the worker shortage. the sooner that he admits there are some real problems in the economy and take steps to address them, i don't think we'll see the relief that we hope for. >> neil: you weren't a big fan of the spending during the trump years. you felt that we could be overdoing it. it is what is it is and here we are now. it all rests, congressman, at the lap of the federal reserve and will have to raise interest rates a lot. if you buy the consensus argument that they raised it a half a point and another half after that and keep doing so, that could test this economy. what do you think? >> yeah, i think it will. the fed waited way too long as you know. in fact, they were sort of empowering congress, begging congress to create more stimulus for longer. so they're part of the problem.
1:38 pm
now economically they have few good choices left because of delay. the only way you disinflate is for borrowing costs to be higher than inflation. they about that. 8.5% inflation. you were in the jimmy carter-type years. pretty close. that's pretty damaging, pretty painful on workers and families. so look, i'm one of those that wants us to have a stronger economy. we know what that is like after tax reform. paychecks were growing twice the rate. >> neil: congressman, you're going to be leaving washington. you opted not to run. many say you could have coasted. now you might be missing an opportunity to be chair of the house ways and means -- could be fielder's choice in a republican house. if that were to happen. looks that way now. do you regret that decision?
1:39 pm
>> you know, i don't, neil. a lot of reasons for after 26 years making the decision to leave. look, i'm love this job. i'm not discouraged. i'm optimistic about the future, what the future holds. the public will swing this pendulum back in a big way in november. i'm helping develop that republican agenda. the commitment to america. you're going to like it. voters will as well. as you probably now, i'm term limited as chairman of the ways and means. we do that at six years. >> neil: you can go to another committee. you could have some choices. i don't know all of your rules. they seem bizarre but they are what they are. but any little -- the republicans in the majority again, you could redo what you did. i say the tax cuts started with you. you saw them through. i'm wondering how you feel about that. >> you know, i love what we did as a team. i know it did great things for
1:40 pm
the economy. the economic agenda for the republicans will start with making those tax cuts permanent and then going even further and driving new innovation and help for families and small businesses. so i'm really excited about our economic agenda going forward. i'm going to do everything i can before i leave to help prepare our conference for that. >> neil: real quickly, democrats say tax cuts are just spending of another sort. so you'll make deficits worse, not you specifically, sir, but the debt will get worse. and that you'll be going through the same thing democrats are now overseeing the red ink that goes on and on. >> yeah, so the facts prove them wrong. we've had since tax reform the three highest record revenue years in america history. so when you grow the economy, people come back to work, higher paychecks that outpace inflation. we saw people of color
1:41 pm
especially in blue collar workers benefit the most. so look, washington does not have a revenue problem. it has a big spending problem. it will get worse if any part of this build back better get through. >> neil: thanks, congressman. i always like to put you in a corner where you're criticizing somebody in the party or about the tax cuts. but you handle that. kevin brady, he laid the blueprint for that tax cut. a lot of people as he properly said had a role in it. the blueprint, the tax cuts that became law, got the economy booming and the markets booming and record number of jobs, that all started him working at it. it started there, built from there. much more after this. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference
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>> neil: all right. a lot of new yorkers breathing a
1:46 pm
sigh of relief. frank james, a 62-year-old behind the attack on the new york subway station will be in federal court tomorrow to deal with these charges where he incited a terrorist incident attacking transit systems. that would be the technical definition of a charge of terrorism. so we'll follow that closely. also following what is going on at the border in our country and the i'ment departure of something called title 42. it's not only igniting the wrath right now of a number of prominent republicans but a number of democrats as well. beto o'rourke running for governor in texas has some concerns about it. let's get the very latest on all of this right now with lucas tomlinson. lucas? >> neil, a week against texas governor greg abbott decided to send migrants to the nation's
1:47 pm
capitol steps from the u.s. capitol and this morning made good on the promise. a charter bus arrived at 8:00 a.m. on the corner of north capitol and louisiana street. 23 migrants breathing a sigh of relief, 19 men and four women got off of the bus to taste freedom, some for the first time. many were happy. they shook hands and thanked the private security officers that brought them up here. this is a chartered bus. these are not dsh agents. many relieves as the bus took off. i speak to some migrants from nicaragua. they walked that way. i spoke to another group from venezuela, six young men that were trying to go next to miami. no word what ron desantis has to say about that. these young men talked about a perilous journey but very happy to be here.
1:48 pm
this is what they said. >> i want an opportunity to get ahead. i want a job, an opportunity to move forward. >> the 23 migrants made the trip to washington d.c. voluntarily. they were not forced. a free ride paid for by governor abbott. many lawmakers want to see the title 42 that has barred 1. 7 million migrants coming in, turned them away from the pandemic. many on capitol hill don't want to see title 42 repealed next month. they're pushing lawmakers including both be democratic seiche -- arizona senators bushing for delays. many migrants say they're willing to work hard and provide
1:49 pm
for their family. many other people not so happy. >> neil: we'll see how it sorts out. lucas tomlinson. want to go to brandon judd, the national border patrol council president. brandon, you've been talking about how this title 42 decision is already galvanizing migrants. explain. >> we thought we were dealing with 5,000 people that were crossing our borders per day that we were taking into kun did. now it's jumped into between 7,000 and 8,000 because of the rhetoric getting back to countries like nicaragua, venezuela, cuba. any time people know that they can come to the united states and be released into the united states, they'll continue to come. you heard that individual right there say that he wants an opportunity to get ahead. he wants a job. all of those reasons are not reasons to violate our law. they don't fall in to the asylum
1:50 pm
reasons either. it doesn't matter what your economic circumstances are in your home country. that is not a reason to come to our country, violate our laws, claim asylum where you don't have a legitimate claim of fear or death because of certain beliefs that you have. that's what asylum is made for. what we're seeing today is our border is being overrun because this administration continues to release people in to the united states rather than sending them back to their country as the law provides. >> neil: where do they go then? how is this process going to work? >> it's going to be a chaotic process. we're already seeing chaos right now. when you go to the border, depending where you go, you can see stretches of miles of miles that have no agents patrolling the border because we're stuck doing processing, transport, hospital watch, detention and security. by the way, all of those duties
1:51 pm
don't require a sworn law enforcer to do we're pulling agents out of the field to perform these duties. that is leaving large stretches of border at certain times in del rio completely unpatroled and that allows the criminals to exploit our gaps in coverages and makes it more dangerous for our citizens. the fentanyl comes between the gaps, which is killing thousands of our children. >> neil: sounds like your area. do you know what happens to those that are arriving for example by bus in washington d.c.? i mean, how are they processed? the same way that they would be in texas? >> those individuals have already been released from government custody. when we take somebody in custody, we process them under title 8. those are the laws that we enforce. then we release them. that's where governor abbott is sending them from texas to washington d.c. all of these people are
1:52 pm
processed when they come in to the country. then they're released pending a future court date. >> neil: so the issue, the drug lords, the gangs that are managing to get this stuff through, i would imagine that just accelerates. >> it does. these cartels are able to use our policies against us. that is how they're able to go into 157 different countries around the world and advertise their services. they're telling them, pay me several thousands of dollars. i will get you to the border with the united states and mexico and once you cross the border illegally, you're still going to be released. still going to get what you want. you'll be rewarded for violating u.s. laws. it's enriching these cartels and driven by our policies. it doesn't make sense. >> neil: it's interesting in this mid-term election, prominent democrats running for re-election. in the case of one, at the wall,
1:53 pm
you know, and arguing that we need to keep our borders safe. so there's clearly anxiety among many vulnerable democrats that this will backfire on them. john tester, montana senator. getting anxious about this move. what do you make of this? >> manchin, tester, all of these democrats are coming together and recognizing that these policies are detrimental to the u.s. doesn't matter when you're in a border state like sinema or kelly. they recognize this is a problem that is spreading throughout the united states. it's backfiring on them. these democratic policies, the liberal policies are backfiring on them and pushing back, thanks goodness. >> neil: thanks very much, brandon judd, the national border patrol council president. say he didn't warn you about this stuff. want to go to the white house right now and jacqui heinrich. the president finishing a phone
1:54 pm
call with president zelensky and promise of more aid to come. what is the latest? >> that's right, neil. ukrainian president made his wish list known, his weapon wish list known before he talked to president biden today and the white house answered that call with a whole list of weapons. i'll get to that in just a moment. but newses that just came out of the briefing is we heard the president yesterday refer to this war in ukrainian as genocide. we learned that this was not a preplanned event. take a listen to what jen psaki told me. >> did anyone know that the president was going to use the word "genocide" in his remarks? seemed like a passing reference and a broader conversation about inflation. >> well, he's the president of the united states and the leader of the free world. he's allowed to make his views known at any point. >> so it was not scripted? >> again, we shouldn't misunderstand who he is and where he stands on the totem
1:55 pm
pull -- pole, which is at the time. >> the administration said the president was speaking from his heart. the formal declaration of genocide, is a legal process and still continuing, this is the second time where the white house had to clarify news that biden made using his words and also when he declared putin to be a war criminal. on answering zelensky's call for aid, listen to this. 800 million more in aid which includes howitzers and radar systems, 300 switchblade drones, javelins, hundreds of armored personnel carriers. 11 mi 17 heicopters and unmanned c drones. the include of the hell
1:56 pm
continuer -- -- the helicopters. here's jen psaki with more. >> we provided them with helicopters in the past. they wanted them. we said great. there's helicopter there's. >> a productive call with president biden and president zelensky. they're getting more aid from the u.s. >> neil: thank you for that. jacqui heinrich at the white house to republican senator john barrasso. very good to have you. the genocide charge that the president weighed, you agree with that? >> i do. vladimir putin is a mass murderer. we should be in this believing that ukrainian can win because they can. we just need to make sure that they get the weapons that they need. the president's list today is a good list. $800 million. congress over a month ago passed over $14 billion in aid.
1:57 pm
so the president has been notoriously slow doing the things he needed to do with sanctions, with blocking an import ban on oil and natural gas. and with the weapons, we need to continue to supply the ukrainians with what they need because they can win. they have the will to fight and win. >> neil: you've been critical of the efforts to stop getting oil and natural gas from the russians. we were slow at that. parentsly we're still funding the war machine. that is the western world, because our access to russian uranium. can you explain? >> well, vladimir putin uses energy as a weapon and we in the united states are addicted to low cost russian uranium for our nuclear power. we're still sending about $100 million every month to russia to buy uranium: we have lots of
1:58 pm
uranium in the united states. vladimir putin undercuts our markets and we shouldn't be sending this money to russia. we need to stop being dependent on critical minerals. >> neil: why are we getting that uranium from states like yours that have it if we have so much here? >> we have allowed russia to undercut us on price. 90% of the uranium that we use in the united states is imported. i have legislation to block the importation of uranium from russia. we need to do that and stop sending the money. we're on the verge of new advances in advanced technology for nuclear reactors. building one in washington state. one in wyoming. we ought to be developing that uranium here, enriching it here, have our own strategic uranium reserve like we do a strategic
1:59 pm
petroleum reserve. this administration is heading in the wrong direction. they have move to take uranium off of the critical minerals list. that is a mistake. >> neil: real quickly to your point. a lot of critical minerals from russia and china. we are on the hook to both for these. how does that stop, even with china? >> the administration by pushing for electric vehicles and we've had hearings in the energy committee last week and the week before on the need as well as the availability. environmentalists are stopping us from using our resources in the united states. the environmental groups say you can't mine these critical minerals needed nor the batteries, for the electric vehicles that the president is proposing so we need to become less dependent on anyone else. we can't be dependent on china, russia. we can't let them hold a knife to our throat. american self-sufficiency and
2:00 pm
our freedom are at stake here. >> thanks, john barrasso, chairman in the united states senate. not worries about the developments but through all the war stuff, what's going on in the inflation front, companies are making money and looking forward to making more that will do it. here's "the five." "the five." >> hello, everyone, i'm jesse watters along with geraldo rivera and frank cussed out. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> we must protect the people of the city and upperhand those who believe they


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